"A strong attention to detail and a work ethic that is hard to come by in California." - Michael Carter, Nixon "Bryant is particularly strong in creating visual communication with a cutting edge and attitude." - Erik Adolph, Op creative diRectIon cataloG desiGn Graphic design laYout lOGo desiGn typography illustRaTion PACKAGING weB aSSEtS Retouching "His work is unique, creative and always on time. He's very professional." - Andrew Work, Cannae
Call immediately if you need help with a design! Like ASAP. I'm your Visual Design Hitman! My name is Bryant Maino the King of Clean. I can make your project happen with any budget you have! Popular in Creative Direction, Graphic Design and Production Design for Surf, Skate and Fashion. I create eye catching digital and print layout systems! Over ten years of professional graphic design experience. Do it. Call me at (949)229-0723 or Email me at bryantmaino@gmail.com and get your consultation now. WHO ThIs
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