Dynamic, creative and experienced in the Visual Arts.


This is the home of my awesome Graphic Design portfolio. The artwork I create is always timeless and clean! My story of Visual Communication has continued for over 15 years. I hope you enjoy the strategic work and creativeness inside each project. Thanks!

I can manage Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design and Production of any project.

Phone or Text: 949-229-0723

Email: bryant@bryantmaino.com

Remote Location: Southern California


"Bryant is an amazing designer. I have worked with him for well over 2 years and he's always delivered! He's work is unique, creative and always on time. He's very professional.

Recently, he has helped me create the look and feel of our new brand. He created our logo, graphics for shirts and patches, our hangtags, layouts for printed materials, layouts for our websites, and more. He takes into consideration our needs and expectations, while providing his own insight and ideas to make our brand stronger and better.

I couldn't ask to work for better designer! I will enjoy working with Bryant for many years!" September 2, 2015 Andrew Work, Chief Operating Officer, Cannae

“Bryant is a very loyal and hard working individual. His ability to follow direction and provide consistent results will benefit anyone looking for design/production help...and he's good people.” June 2, 2010 Eric Crane, Director of Product and Design, Nixon

“I was fortunate enough to work closely with Bryant under stringent deadlines on multiple projects at Ocean Pacific. Bryant is particularly strong in creating visual communication with a cutting edge and attitude.

His work ethic and graphic skills are strong, both of which are equally important to the execution of a creative project. Bryant's ability to connect personally with literally anyone would be a huge benefit to those who he works with.” October 31, 2009 Erik Adolph, Global Art Director, Op - Ocean Pacific

“Bryant is SOLID period.. A strong attention to detail and a work ethic that is hard to come by in California, Bryant can deliver and put in the hours to retouch imagery to perfection or layout a 300 page catalog.” October 30, 2012 Michael Carter, Art Director, Nixon